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USA Today Features Guidant Wealth Advisors

Ever since we began serving clients as Guidant Wealth Advisors (and even before that, for those of you who have been with us long enough), we have been working hard to maintain a client-driven business approach. That is, it has always been extremely important that, as financial advisors and investment managers, we build our processes around genuine, confident relationships with people.

Recently, these efforts were recognized when Guidant was selected among the First 100 Financial Advisors and Firms to receive the coveted Women’s Choice Award for 2014.

USA Today featured this accomplishment in a recent publication:

Financial Advisor Women's Choice Award

USA Today: First 100 Advisors & Firms to Receive Women’s Choice Award

While the Women’s Choice Award highlights our firm’s commitment to female and couple clients, we strive to provide this level of service to every client.

Personally, we are humbled by this honor, knowing that feedback from our own clients was a factor in the rigorous selection process.

So to our clients, we say a heartfelt, “Thank you.”

We believe that our core values have been a part of the reason why our earliest clients are still with us today, and why they continue to refer friends and family to our firm for help with financial planning, retirement, and wealth management.

This recognition is that affirmative nod.


Widows + Widowers: Financial Advice for Moving Forward

Widows and Widowers - Financial Advice

Managing personal finances can be hard work for anyone, but for those who are now a party of one it can be a downright frightening experience.

Besides the responsibility of tracking daily expenses for the household – a genuinely harrowing task for some – the widow or widower has to amend the financial plan to best serve their new life.

The Goods News about the Future

While there is no doubt a mountain of emotion to sort through during the early days, it is also an important time to prioritize decisions about money.

  • How will I determine a budget for myself?
  • Will I have enough money to maintain my current lifestyle?
  • What will I have to do differently from now on?
  • Where can I get help to plan for my future?

The good news is that you do not have to answer these questions alone. Selecting a financial advisor firm with Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) who are attuned to the special needs of widows and widowers can provide you with a financial plan that is based on facts rather than emotions.

The CFP not only assesses your current situation but also helps you determine a financial plan that addresses both short- and long-term objectives. This is especially helpful at a time when it can be difficult for those who have lost a spouse to see past the next week or month.

In Conclusion

Taking control of personal finances and investing is a major commitment for widows and widowers, especially at a time of total devastation.

Enlisting a CFP and financial advisor firm to help guide some of those important decisions will not only ease the burden but will also be a welcome source of comfort and support.